People First of West Virginia

We are individuals with developmental disabilities joining together to speak up and speak out for ourselves!


Mission: To promote self-advocacy by speaking and acting on behalf of the rights and responsibilities of all people with developmental disabilities.

What is Self-Advocacy?

Self-advocacy refers to a person's ability to effectively communicate, convey, negotiate or assert his/her own interests, needs, and rights. It involves making informed decisions and taking responsibility for those decisions. Self-advocacy is understanding your strengths and needs, identifying your personal goals, knowing your legal rights and responsibilities, and communicating these to others. Being part of a People First group means being part of a grassroots network that allows you to join with regional, state, and national advocacy groups to speak up for yourself and have YOUR voice heard.

People First of West Virginia Bylaws

People First By Laws Revisions During the advisory board meeting in Nov. 2013 it was decided that the current by laws need revisions made in order to better serve the members of People First of WV. Below are links to the current by laws and the proposed revisions. Each People First group around the state of West Virginia are asked to discuss the revisions as a group and to join us during the January 9, 2014 teleconference to share your group's thoughts. At the advisory board meeting on Feb. 18, 2014 the revised by laws will be finalized.

2014-2016 People First of WV State Officers pictured from left: Lewis Newell, Sergeant at Arms; Amy Tatterson, Vice President; Melvin West, President; Clara Perdue, Secretary; and Tina Tanner, Treasurer

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